Energy & Sustainability

CSR & Sustainability

Banen Associates has a network of exceptional talent who are experts in Energy and Sustainability. With adopting a more ‘Green’ approach becoming a key aspect of any business, our team of technical experts are right there with you, helping you identify qualified professionals specialising in sustainability and energy.

We Recruit Sustainability Professionals

Banen Associates specialises in sourcing top-tier sustainability professionals globally, offering a bespoke and cost-effective staffing solution. Our commitment to sustainable development assists us in finding managers, advisors, analysts and specialists who help develop and implement low carbon development plans.

Empowering the Energy Market

Our active engagement with a global network of energy professionals ensures that we stay ahead in understanding industry trends. As climate change awareness increases, businesses seek to reduce carbon emissions, and our mission involves connecting highly skilled energy professionals to add value to your project and contribute to sustainable energy solutions.

Job Opportunities

Sustainability Consultants

Our network includes specialised geotechnical engineers who ensure stability and safety in civil projects by assessing soil, designing foundations, and mitigating ground movement risks.

We have a network of sustainability consultants who help businesses reduce their environmental impact and save money. They work on assessing a project’s current operations and identify opportunities for improvement to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Building Physicists

We recruit building physicists who design and build high-performance, energy-efficient buildings. They consider factors such as heat transfer, airflow, acoustics, and lighting to create buildings that are comfortable, healthy, and sustainable.

Sustainability Design Consultants

We help businesses connect with sustainability design consultants who are experts in meeting the growing demand for sustainable buildings. They have the expertise to develop designs that minimise environmental impact and maximise resource efficiency.

Energy Managers

Our network includes energy managers who play a critical role in helping reduce energy consumption, costs, and environmental impact. They develop energy management plans, track energy usage, and implement energy efficiency and conservation measures.

Energy Auditors

We recruit highly experienced energy auditors who help construction businesses implement energy-saving measures and track their progress. They conduct energy audits to identify areas where energy is being wasted and recommend solutions to reduce energy consumption.

Environmental Modelers

We are well-connected with environmental modelers who can help businesses achieve their sustainability goals. They factor in air and water quality, noise pollution, and greenhouse gas emission in projects to comply with environmental regulations.

CSR & Sustainability