Building Envelop

Building Envelop

Banen Associates specialises in talent acquisition for the Building Envelope sector, particularly focusing on facade engineering. Understanding the critical role of a building’s facade in aesthetics, energy efficiency, and structural integrity, our dedicated team connects businesses with top-notch professionals in this specialised field.

Professionals We Work With

Facade Design Engineers

We work with engineers who are well-versed in architectural concepts, materials, and technologies, with their expertise lying in creating innovative, functional, and aesthetic facade designs.

Curtain Wall Specialists

Our network includes curtain wall specialists with expertise in designing, fabricating, and installing various curtain wall systems, including unitised, stick-built, and point-supported systems.

Cladding Experts

We link businesses with experts who are adept at choosing optimal materials and systems for buildings, prioritising durability, weather resistance, and thermal performance in their design.

Building Envelop Consultants

We are well-connected with consultants who optimise the project’s sustainability and performance, ensuring that it is in compliance with building codes, regulations, and industry standards.

Facade Maintenance and Inspection Specialists

We have specialists in our network who are experts in conducting inspections, identifying potential issues, and recommending maintenance strategies to ensure long-term integrity of building facades.

Job Opportunities

Facade Quantity Surveying

We have opportunities for individuals with expertise in managing costs, contracts, and financial aspects specific to the Facade sector.

Commercial Management

We have openings for site-based and head-office positions that involve overseeing commercial aspects, ensuring effective project management, and maximising profitability of facade projects.

Facade Engineering

We offer roles ranging from Project Engineers to Engineering Managers that encompass designing, analysing, and implementing innovative Facade solutions.

Site Management

We have vacancies for site managers focusing on Facade projects who will be responsible for overseeing on-site execution, coordination, and quality control of installations.

Facade Project Management

We have listings for skilled project managers, from associate to senior roles, with responsibilities ranging from planning to execution to successful delivery of facade-related initiatives.


Individuals with strong analytical and cost assessment skills specific to the facade sector can apply for the openings of Bid Managers and Estimators.


We have opportunities for Program Managers and Planners experienced in scheduling, resource allocation, and project planning within the facade industry.


We offer positions for procurement professionals who specialise in sourcing, negotiating, and managing supply chain for facade materials and services.

We have a dedicated team ready to help you with your talent acquisition needs in the Building Envelop sector. Our experts will help you connect with facade engineering professionals who will contribute to the success of your projects. So, give us a call and discuss your requirements with us today!

Building Envelop