Structural Engineering

Civil & Structures

Banen Associates excels in talent acquisition for Civil and Sturctural Engineering, specialising in selecting top professional’s adept in managing diverse engineering projects. Leveraging our sector expertise and wide network, we ensure optimal outcomes for businesses seeking civil and structural engineering expertise.

Professionals We Work With

Civil Engineers

We recruit civil engineering professionals, specialising in infrastructure, transportation, and structural design, who have the technical and project management skills to successfully deliver a project..

Structural Design Engineers

Our network includes skilled engineers with expertise in designing and analysing the integrity of buildings, bridges, and infrastructure, with a deep understanding of engineering principles and materials.

Bridge Engineers

We recruit bridge engineers who are proficient in designing, constructing, and maintaining bridges, with expertise in structural analysis, load calculations, and innovative engineering solutions.

Geotechnical Engineers

We link businesses with expert facade engineers specialising in designing and engineering building exteriors, ensuring aesthetic appeal, functionality, and energy efficiency.

Structural Inspection Engineers

Our network includes specialised geotechnical engineers who ensure stability and safety in civil projects by assessing soil, designing foundations, and mitigating ground movement risks.

Seismic Engineers

We have a network of seismic engineers specialising in designing earthquake-resistant structures, employing advanced analysis techniques for ensuring building safety and resilience in seismic zones.

Highway Engineers

We connect businesses with expert engineers proficient in road network design, construction, and maintenance, with an understanding of traffic management and transportation planning.

Partnering with Banen Associates allows employers to access a pool of highly qualified engineering candidates selected through our rigorous process, ensuring technical expertise and problem-solving skills. Understanding the industry’s unique needs, our committed team delivers tailored recruitment services, ready to assist in hiring specialised professionals. Contact us to discuss your Civil & Structural Engineering talent needs for the success of your projects.

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