Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Banen Associates is the leading name in Architectural Lighting recruitment, finding the best talent for businesses in the Construction sector. We specialise in a wide range of lighting sectors, ensuring you have exceptional lighting professionals for your projects.

Our Expertise

Illumination Design

We have a network of architects, designers, and project managers who enhance the visual appeal and functionality of architectural spaces with innovative lighting designs.

Lighting Control Systems

Our team specialises in sourcing talent with expertise in the integration of advanced lighting control systems to optimise energy efficiency, create dynamic lighting effects, and enhance user experience.

Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Our network includes professionals promoting sustainable lighting practices, such as LED technology, daylight harvesting, and energy-efficient lighting design strategies.

Lighting for Interior Spaces

We are experts in recruiting lighting designers for interior environments, ranging from residential to commercial spaces, who can create the desired ambiance and enhance occupant comfort.

Exterior Lighting Design

Our network consists of experts developing outdoor lighting solutions for landscapes, facades, parks, streetscapes, and public spaces, ensuring safety, security, and aesthetic appeal.

Job Opportunities

Lighting Designers

We have openings for creative professionals who conceptualise and develop lighting schemes for architectural projects.

Lighting Consultants

Our team has a range of opportunities for experts who provide guidance on lighting design, regulations, and best practices.

Lighting Engineers

We have listings for skilled professionals who implement and manage lighting systems, including control systems and integration.

Project Managers

We have opportunities for experienced professionals who oversee the planning, coordination, and execution of lighting projects.

Banen Associates have a network of highly experienced lighting professionals who can be the perfect fit for your next project. Our executive search specialists are at your service to help you connect with individuals who will fit right in with your requirements. Reach out to us and let us help you with your talent acquisition needs.

Architectural Lighting