Project Management

At Banen Associates, we specialise in screening out Project Management professionals who have expertise specific to the Construction sector. We have a vast network of individuals who have the skills and experience in managing projects across their entire lifecycle to bring the developers vision to life. Here is a list of specialist areas we provide permanent and contract-based talent for:

  • Project Management
  • Project Controls Management
  • Program / Planning Management
  • Project / Development Monitoring
  • Employers’ Agent D&B
  • Funder’s Representative
  • Planning Supervision
  • Construction Management
  • Management Contracting

Career Opportunities

Our Executive Talent Search services cater to aspiring construction project managers at various career stages, accommodating both junior and senior-level candidates in their pursuit of the ideal employment opportunity. The roles we help identify range from comprehensive involvement across the entirety of a project’s life cycle to specialised input during pivotal project stages.

At Banen Associates, our mission revolves around aligning your proficient project management skills with the most fitting and reputable employers within the industry.