Banen Associates excels at placing highly skilled Architects within the construction industry. Our specialist consultants have a deep understanding of the field, connecting you with the right talent, whether it’s for design management or specific architectural expertise.

Our Expertise

Architectural Design

Our consultants stay updated on the most recent architectural design trends and are apt in identifying professionals who have the skills and experience with modern large-scale projects.

Interior Design

Our team connects you with skilled interior designers who craft inspiring spaces, specializing in everything from space planning to material selection.

Environmental Design

Our team matches you with exceptional environmental design professionals, ensuring sustainable and functional spaces that prioritise occupant well-being.

Architectural Engineering

We source top architectural engineers who combine aesthetics with structural integrity, ensuring buildings that are both elegant and functional.

Construction Management

Banen Associates bridges the gap, placing construction management professionals who understand architectural vision and ensure projects run smoothly.

Job Opportunities


Our specialist consultants are apt in recruiting professionals with a strong architectural background, identifying specific skills and traits pertinent to a trained and highly qualified architect.

Architectural Designer

We find highly skilled designers who are adept in handling complex designs of large-scale architectural projects, creating detailed drawings, 3D models, and presentations.

Interior Designer

Our team runs specialized searches for interior designers who have had immense experience in large-scale commercial projects.

Construction Manager

We are apt in recruiting construction managers who oversee the planning, coordination, and execution of construction projects.

Sustainability Consultant

Banen Associates identifies specific skills in sustainability consultants to ensure our partners have projects that are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable.


Elevate your architectural projects with Banen Associates. Our team understands the intricacies of architectural design and works closely with you to identify the perfect candidate for your specific needs. Contact us today to build a strong foundation for your next project.